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Smiles all around

Today was another great day. It started out crappy with a dentist appointment- two fillings... only 3 more to go... I don't know if my poor jaw can take much more...

but then I got to go to Ari's house. We packed a picnic lunch and went to this nearby state park to eat. It was so beautiful and peaceful! After a late lunch, we went to school and got to interrupt classes and say hi to people. It was fun, but weird for both of us to not like, be there, but to be just visiting.

After a couple hours at school, I headed over to see Matt. We sat at a picnic table at camp talking for almost 4 hours. It was so great. I love just spending time with him.

It's been busy this summer. The last couple of weeks were hard- my car had a fuel leak, my computer needed a new hard drive, and my home phone wasn't working right. All are fixed now, although I'm still having a problem with my computer, which I hope to correct soon.

I've to be at the conference center this weekend. i don't want to, I want to be done. But I've got to run a bonfire and life guard. :0(

Next week I start with stuff for Coastlands. I'm so siked!

The down side of things is that I'm not sleeping. Grrr. I hate when I have these spells.

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