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New Directions

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. I suppose I should update what's been going on for those of you who read my journal and actually care.

Big things have been happening. Those who could careless about spiritual matters don't understand this, but God is calling me to join a full time ministry that mentors kids in Christian schools, among other things. This involves me leaving the security of a full time teaching job to go into full time ministry. (not that teaching isn't a full time ministry, it is, but as little money as that provides, it at least provides consistent pay.) I'll need to raise support and work a couple of flexible, part time jobs in order to get by. I'm excited about this ministry and what God is doing in my life as I answer this call.

I don't know when I'll be going. I'd like to start in the fall, but realize that I may need to teach another year. However, the more I pray about this, the more certain I am that I start with Coastlands in the fall. The ministry is New Hampshire based and travels all over New England and New York. I'll definitely substitute teach, and hope to do some freelance writing and photography. Depending on what else I find for work, I should be able to stay in my current home and church.

This requires quite a bit of faith; trust in God that he will provide. As Matt, a member of Coastlands, says; "where God guides, God provides." But sometimes that is easier said than done!

I've already had to work through letting go of a lot of pride regarding my teaching and my students, and God is still working on that as the doubts often creep in. This is another area of which I need to let go.

some where in this building...

It is a gray, rainy, yucky day and I'm supposed to be cleaning my house. I think my ambition is buried beneath the pile of papers on my desk. Perhaps I should go find it...
In the immortal words of Socrates: "I drank what?"

Poor Neglected Live Journal

It's been forever since I've posted anything. I've been so busy. Let's see;

I put my paper work in the mail today for Brewster Academy. There is an English/Journalism position open. I really want the job. I got three excellent recommendations. We'll see what happens. I love where I am. Things are going well, so why leave? Because teaching at BA is an awesome opportunity for me professionally and personally.

I coached my first volleyball practice yesterday afternoon. It went really well. The kids were great. They really picked up the skills well, and had a great attitude. I'm thrilled.

I guess those are the two big things going on right now. There are many other things that I could write about, but it's 11pm and I need to get to bed. I must get back into the habit of posting. My poor live journal has been neglected for far too long.

Feb. 14th, 2005

Starting to think about the summer. I need to find a decent job for the summer. I've got to get my self out of this financial hole from last summer.

Got a couple of possibilites today: Teaching at the Camp School or being assistant director for the summer children's theatre. There might be something with Heifitz, too. It's good to get the possibilities list started.

I can't believe I'm thinking about the summer already! We're only half way through February.

Starting Fresh

It's late and I'm tired, but I have all my correcting done. What a great feeling. I have 7th grade reading quizzes for lit that I'll have the kids correct in class tomorrow, and then I'll have to grade those. Going into vacation I'll have what little work comes in this week. It's spirit week and so we'll loose a bunch of class time all week. 5 more days until winter vacation! Woot!!

It feels really good to feel like I've got a handle on things!

Feb. 12th, 2005

It's been a while since I updated. I haven't been on line quite as much lately, which is good. I've been trying to be a responsible adult and get my work done. School has been keeping me busy.

We had a big snow storm on Thursday. We got about 2 feet of snow. School wasn't canceled because it was a northern storm. I didn't go to school Thursday and went in late on Friday. This was another reason why I dislike my commute.

I spent Thursday typing up worksheets for The Slave Dancer. It was nice to have a week day to get school work done.

Friday was the Granite State Christian School Association Conference. We hosted it this year. I thought it went well, the day went by fast. There were good workshops and I got to see the teachers from the school where I used to teach. It was fun to see them.

Today I spent the afternoon and evening grading book reports. I'm glad to get them done. I still have a stack of papers to grade, but it's not too big. I should be able to easily get them done tomorrow. I have a few paragraphs to grade- only one 7th grader turned in the assignment, and most of the 6th graders used homework passes. The 7th grade lit quizzes I'll have the kids correct on Monday. That just leaves the Bible tests from the 6th and 7th grades.

I'm planning to go skiing tomorrow after church. How can I not go skiing when we just got 2 feet of snow and I got my skies waxed and tuned last weekend?

Friday night I passed up going to Jen's party. I really didn't want to go. I felt kind of bad, but had absolutely no desire to spend the evening with Jen, Sarah, Kim, Emily, Courtney, and Abbey. Individually I like all of them, but Sarah and Emily are really loud and Jen and Emily are really critical of people. I don't enjoy that.

I'm way too awake right now- I had two huge cups of coffee tonight while grading the book reports. This is not good. I have to be up at a fairly decent hour tomorrow for church. I think I'm going to go to bed and try to go to sleep.

Feb. 6th, 2005

Yesterday was completely unproductive. Today was extremely productive:

did two loads of laundry
picked up my skis from the ski shop
corrected almost all the paragraphs from the last two weeks
wrote a Bible test
paid bills
walked two miles
read a chapter in A Wrinkle In Time

Okay, so there is still a lot on my to do list, but I'm feeling pleased with what I got done.

It's late and I need to finish checking my email and head to bed. School tomorrow. Back to the grind stone.
MacGyver just turned a coffin into a wood paneled jet ski. How awesome is that? I heart Richard Dean Anderson and my MacGyver season 1 DVD set!

(where are my duct tape and swiss army knife?)
Today I:
Took out the trash
Refilled the Windshield Wash fluid in my car
Did two loads of laundry
Read several chapters in The Slave Dancer (6th grade Lit)
Put away clean laundry
Paid some bills
Cleaned up some of the clutter that has accumulated in the last month
Washed dishes

Back to school tomorrow, but I feel pretty good going into the week.
I still need to grade two weeks worth of paragraphs, but that will go pretty quickly- love rubrics! Of course book reports are coming in tomorrow and I'll need to grade those.

We're supposed to have a ski day on Friday, but only about half of my class is going. I hope that I will get to go skiing. I haven't been at all this winter, which is a first. I just don't have the money to go.
We had a half day of school yesterday. Teacher workshop in the afternoon. I was some what dreading having to sit through another boring workshop, but presenter was incredibly dynamic. The three hours went by so quickly. We were supposed to have the second half of the workshop this morning, but I got a call at 6:30 saying that the presenter was violently ill, and that the workshop was postponed. I feel bad that Miss Brady is so sick, and I'm disappointed that we will have to wait for the the rest of the workshop.

I got home from school just before 6 last night and was really tired. I laid on the couch thinking I'd take short nap before fixing some supper. Ended up sleeping until 11. At that point I got up, brushed my teeth, and went to bed, sleeping until 5:30 this morning. Yup, I'm tired and fighting a cold.

Since I don't have to go down to school today, I'm having this nice, leisurely morning at home. I do need to go to the laundry mat today. I hate doing laundry, and I've been putting it off.

Good News!

The following is from emails from Suzanna's mom. She's doing better!!!

Surgery went well. Took longer than expected because a fragment had speared her brain and with scarring for 3 weeks required the neurosurgeon to saw and pick to remove it. Her other skull fragments are now held together with titanium screws and a plate. He stitched up her dura, stapled her skull (and asked us to remind him in 10 days that she has a staple on the left side as well). We got to see her and she looks good--sooo innocent. Sorry this has taken so long. We didn't get back until after midnight and my e-mail program was locked up. We're off to check out Spaulding rehab in Boston. Your prayers are still being felt."

Tuesday night:
"I have my daughter back. Hillary and I went over today and Suzanna smiled, laughed, showed sarcasm, disappointment (when she failed the swallow test). When I was being goofy, Suzanna would turn toward Hillary and roll her eyes--sisterhood! She said to Hillary, 'How are YOU doing?'
"She is much calmer. (Maybe because she pulled the ng tube out again last night?) This time, feeling empowered, I agreed to the g-tube and asked for it ASAP. No more days of no nutrition for my kid. We are on the road to rehab. We've chosen Spaulding so now it is a question of eligibility and available bed.
"Her voice is a bit stronger each day so we can understand her more. Although even in that, today seemed like a huge leap. She is more aware of her surroundings: 'There are a lot of special people here.' 'What do you want me to do?' When I asked her if she knew the year, she said, 'A lot of people ask me that.' I asked her how many fingers as I held up two and she showed me her two, then three, then four, then five, and we laughed. She looked at books and could toss a ball right to me.
"I thought she was reading a card from a high school friend--her eyes seemed to be tracking correctly. But she wasn't interested in cards John brought in tonight. Nurse Diane from ICU came to visit tonight, John said, and noticed that he was smiling, too.
"I cherish every step and look forward to tomorrow."

Got Issues?

Great line from L&O:SVU last night.

It went something like this:

"He doesn't just have issues when it comes to having kids, he has a subscription."

wow. I really liked the imagery.

The Weather Outside

It's still snowing. We were only supposed to get around 4 inches, but I bet it's closer to a foot now. And it's really fluffy!

Today was good. I read old fanfic that I found saved on a disk. After lunch I did a bunch of reading for my Literature classes at school. I've still got more to do (that's what happens when you are teaching three different novels at once). I'm way ahead of my 8th graders now. I can't believe that I've never read To Kill a Mockingbird! I'm anxious to finish the book. I've already read A Wrinkle in Time, but need to reread it to refresh my memory. And I've never read Slave Dancer, but I don't think that will be very hard to read.

I did some writing tonight, too. It was good to have my muse stirring. It's been quiet these last few weeks. Between watch L&O:SVU last night and reading TKM, I've been getting some 'nigglings' for story ideas.

snow day

Dispite the fact that I didn't get my phone call until nearly 6 o'clock, when I'd already had a shower and my first cup of coffee, I am delighted that we get the day off. I really needed a break. I'm a little irritated to be set back a day in my lesson plans, but for my sanity, I really needed the day off.

So now that I'm wide awake, and it's 6:30 in the morning, what am I going to do with my day? Hmm, reading for school, and maybe some writing for fun. And I just might take a nap today. Woot!

I was hoping for a snow day, but didn't think the chances were very good. The town where my school is wouldn't cancel if the apocolypse occured, and our administrator has been gaining a similar reputation. I'm thankful that she cancelled today.
This was emailed out on Thursday of last week.

Just a quick update on Suzanna with some recent e-mails from her mom:

"What a day it's been. The nurses are as excited as we are. Hillary and I went in this morning. H read her another chapter from the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. SK [Suzanna] was restless but her eyes settled on her sister. My favorite nurse Diane said if they don't take the breathing tube out, SK will. She'd been breathing on her own all morning. So while we came home for lunch, the tube was removed. She can breath on her own. H and I went back and she had a mask on, giving her moist air to help calm her
wheezing. She also had to be given some valium or she'd get out of the bed. She spiked a fever and her cranial pressure went up so they didn't take out the ventriculostomy.
John and I went in tonight. Diane had asked her for a thumbs-up, for two fingers, but no response. She was off and on restless. I asked SK if she'd say hi to Dad. She looked at John and nodded a hello. Diane let us untie the arm restraints. She eventually was able to touch her head and seemed to be asking about the O2 clip, the neck collar, etc, so we explained each to her as she touched. It was hard to leave her. Diane was explaining something and the night nurse was saying she was as excited as we were. SK held up her thumb, then two fingers!!! Even though it was an hour or two after the request, we were ecstatic. The book says wait time is important!"

"Another significant step this afternoon--although I don't know if she can beat being able to breathe on her own. Her ventriculostomy was removed. She's trying to talk but there isn't enough volume. We think she's saying she's hungry and since she hasn't been fed for 24 + hrs, that would make sense. She also took Hillary's hand a few times and put it on her belly just as she had with mine in the morning. The nurse
cautioned us not to try to make sense of it just yet. Not really a step but she has become pretty adept at massaging her feet on the foot of her bed. Next step will be out of ICU!!! We are ever grateful for your prayers."

"Suzanna will have surgery to elevate the skull fracture tomorrow. Don't know when yet. She's with the nurse that knows her best today. Has a g-tube to feed her, finally."
It snowed last night. A lot.

I should shower, get dressed and go dig out my car. The landlord is currently clearing the driveway.

I need to correct papers and plan lessons, wash dishes, clean up clutter, and pay bills. Gugh. I hate having to be a responsible adult.

The polar regions

It's -7 degrees Fahrenhiet.


Weekend Update

It's been a pretty good weekend.

By Friday I was exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I had a parent meeting afterschool. I got through it and the parents left happy. On my way out, Sandy and Clint invited me to come to supper. It ended up being just what I needed. We ate, visited, talked about the things that had happened during the week, and watched Last of the Dogmen. I'd never seen the movie before. I really enjoyed it. It was late by the time I got home, but my spirits were definately lifted.

Saturday I slept a little longer than I had intended, but I needed that. I got my errands down and got home before the snow got to be too deep. I spent the afternoon and evening reading fanfic and doing email.

Today I was planning to go to the laundry mat and spend the afternoon ticking things off my to do list. After church I was invited to go with Lisa and Haley, Mark, Kristi, and David to Brookwoods for lunch and sledding. I hesitated to go, but decided that I could do my work later. I really needed the social time. I didn't have my stuff to play in the snow, but I did have my camera and got some cute pictures. It was a really fun afternoon and I enjoyed spending time with the Goodwins and the Niemans. There was a retreat there this weekend and after the kids left, Tim came out and sled with Haley.

When I got home I was able to be disciplined. As much as I wanted to just get on line, I sat down and graded papers. I got a lot done and I'm feeling very accomplished. Now I can spend some time on line with a clear conscience. I need to get to bed at a decent time, too.