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Not a total loss

I think I finally got my resume sufficiently updated. Money is incredibly tight, I'm getting less then half of what I need a month and the school that Matt and I were just at paid us $400 less then what schools normally pay. That really hurt. It's not that I'm doubting God's provision, I've made it through every month so far, but I think that provision comes in different ways.

I got home Thursday night, we ended a day early because of bad weather, and saw an item on the 11 o'clock news about a concierge service that does all the things that I did when I worked as a family assistant. I thought, "Hey! I've done that before! That would be a great part time job! It should be flexible enough to fit my travel schedule, and coordinating that shouldn't be a problem, since almost all of our events are booked close to a year in advance."

So I spent much of last night and this afternoon tailoring my resume to the concierge business. I'm not very good at selling myself, and trying to get into this type of business is so different from the field of education. I'm really grateful for my friend Kerry's help. I think the resume is ready to go. I'll email it off and see what happens.

If I'm able to get this it would be good for the summer, too. I'm going to need to work this summer, but I've got a white water rafting trip scheduled for the end of August. Cathy's already paid for me. We're determined to do this, we both need it.

This afternoon wasn't as productive as it probably could have been, but I still have a sense of accomplishment.

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