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That Didn't Take Long

Yesterday afternoon I got the "Thanks for your interest, we'll keep your information on file for future reference" email. At least I didn't have to wait long, and have time to think about how great it would be a get my hopes up.

Finances remain TIGHT. I get half of what I need to meet all my bills each month, and so far this month I've only gotten half of that. Sigh. On the positive side, I'm being much more disciplined about budgeting and not spending frivolously.

I did accomplish a lot today and I'm happy about that. I still have more to do tomorrow, but I'll have the morning and part of the afternoon to do it.
Today I:
picked up my mail
mailed a cd and our journal to Cathy
went to the bank and made a deposit
got caught up on emails that have been sitting in my in-box
put together an initial distribution list for email newsletters
sent out an update email
unpacked some more boxes
updated my check book ledger & budget book
washed my dishes

Tomorrow night is Jake and Kristin's wedding. I hate weddings, but I go anyway. I'll get to see many friends from camp, so that is good.

Wednesday I'm going snow shoeing with Ari and then having dinner with her family. Thursday I head to my parents' in Maine for Christmas.


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Dec. 24th, 2005 02:29 pm (UTC)
Have A really good time with your family in maine!
Merry Christmas!
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